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Lawn on March 21st, 2016. Before procedures.

Hand-Pulling Weeds, Burning Lawn Grass, Mowing

This is lawn on March 21st. I removed weeds first. Pulling with Nukerunn-desu Mini. I took out wastepaper basket in the living room instead of bucket and took grasses for two baskets. There still remain some, but it’s OK because …

リョービのポールバリカン PAB-1610。デッキと芝生。

Ryobi Pole Clipper and Angle Adjustable Grass Shear

This is Ryobi pole clipper PAB-1610, which was purchased in July 2010. (A successor model, PAB-1620 has been released, today.) Its duty is to trim where Ryobi LM-2800, which is in charge of trimming edge, can’t cut. That means, in …

黄色い芝刈機、リョービ LM-2800。緑の芝生を背景に。

The Fourth Mower, Ryobi Reel-Type Lawn Mower LM-2800

This is our fourth mower, Ryobi reel-type lawn mower LM-2800. It came to our home on August 26, 2015. It is a universal machine, which can perform everything such as mowing, dethatching, vertical cutting (root cutting), as I introduced in …