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「 月別アーカイブ:2015年11月 」 一覧


Cutting Lawn Seed Stalk of TM9, Again

It is November 8, 2015. The lawn has become purple again like the other day. There appear seed stalks of TM9. And I cut them again, unavoidably. It is November 8, 2015. The lawn has become purple again like the …


Finishing Conifer’s Fuyu-gakoi

I finished conifer’s Fuyu-gakoi (winter covering) which was in the middle by wrapping net on Sunday, October 8. (I also changed my tires to the studless tires on the same day.) I visited several DIY stores and looked for the …


Watering System

This is our watering system. The sprinkler is “Triple Arm Sprinkler” made by Takagi. It’s probably the most common product in DIY stores. The 4 sprinklers can cover the entire lawn our home. Because watering 4 sprinklers at the same …


Other Lawn Equipment

There remain some photos of lawn tools which I took before, so I will show them. In the left is an aluminum rake. I bought it from a local DIY store. It’s indispensable for leveling unevenness with a large amount …


Fuyu-gakoi for Conifer and Ash

The weather is good and the sky is beautifully clear, though it is a little chilly. But it is not about lawn care today. I am preparing Fuyu-gakoi (winter covering) for the conifer and ash in the entrance. We live …