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「 Lawn Weeds 」 一覧

Annual bluegrass in a planter.

March 27th – 31st, 2016

Conifers nad ash on March 27th, 2016, early in the morning. The lawn on the same day. Though it is not enough yet, the green gradually appears and the sign of the growth is perceived. Wood sorrels have appeared together …

Lawn on March 21st, 2016. Before procedures.

Hand-Pulling Weeds, Burning Lawn Grass, Mowing

This is lawn on March 21st. I removed weeds first. Pulling with Nukerunn-desu Mini. I took out wastepaper basket in the living room instead of bucket and took grasses for two baskets. There still remain some, but it’s OK because …

The lawn has got green gradually.

Lawn on March 20th, 2016

The lawn has got green gradually, despite I still can’t even burn the lawn. Earthworms have also came out. Weeds have also got increased. Pythium has also appeared. Too bad.

March 16th, 2016. Weeds.

March 16th, 2016, Weeds

  2016/03/21    Lawn Weeds

Weeds are getting increased.

A grass, which was removed completely from the root together with soil around the root.

Lawn on February 25th, 2016

The photo is the lawn in the morning on February 25th, 2016. The snow accumulated on the whole surface again last night. But, because it was relatively good weather in the daytime, the snow melted in a short time and …

Backyard lawn on February 13th, 2016. A close-up view.

Failure in Burning Lawn

Backyard lawn on February 13th, 2016. It’s been a good weather with no rain or snow for these several days. Today’s weather forecast is cloudy and then rain. I tried to burn lawn before rain falls. This is a “small …


Lawn in December 20, 2015

This is the backyard lawn today, in December 20, 2015. Though it looks a little green this side, it’s completely brown this side. A green place, and a brown place, The same TM9 in the same yard seem to show …


Lawn on December 12, 2015

The backyard lawn yesterday, on December 12, 2015. It’s turning brown in winter dormancy. It still keeps some green in this view. The degree of winter dormancy is different depending on the place. The weed in the photo was found …


Yabu-Garashi and MCPP

I saw sprouts of Yabu-Garashi (Bushkiller or Cayratia japonica) in the edge of the yard, the day before yesterday, before mowing. We usually remove weeds by hand, however, Yabu-Garashi appears again and again in the same place after manual weeding. …