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Watering System


Two blue sprinkler on green lawn.
This is our watering system. The sprinkler is “Triple Arm Sprinkler” made by Takagi. It’s probably the most common product in DIY stores.

Four aligned blue sprinkler on green lawn.
The 4 sprinklers can cover the entire lawn our home.

Four aligned blue sprinkler on green lawn. A view from the other side.
Because watering 4 sprinklers at the same time lowers the water pressure and decreases the watering area, we divide watering in twice, 2 sprinklers in each time.

Two Easy Watering Timers made by Takagi connected to a garden tap stand.
So, we bifurcated the faucet of the garden tap stand, and attached 2 timers to it. For the bifurcation, I gathered the components in the plumbing department of a DIY store and assembled them.
The timer is “Easy Watering Timer” made by Takagi, similar to the sprinklers.

A close up view of the timers. The watering mode is set for 15 min from 19:00.
This year, we watered 15 min for each in sequence, starting from 19:00 in the evening.

The removed sprinklers and timers on the tile deck.
We tried many kinds of sprinklers and timers, and then returned to the current system at the end of the day. Simple is Best. It’s also reliable because they are sold in any place and we can purchase them again promptly when they are broken.
Because we are not watering anymore this year, I removed and stored the sprinklers and the timers. They are in the storage room until next year.

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