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Other Lawn Equipment


An aluminum rake, an aluminum lawn rake, and a deck brush arranged on the green lawn.
There remain some photos of lawn tools which I took before, so I will show them.
In the left is an aluminum rake. I bought it from a local DIY store. It’s indispensable for leveling unevenness with a large amount of topsoil.
In the center is an aluminum adjustable lawn rake. I bought it for dethatching, but it is hard work and requires considerable time and effort. It’s handed over its role to Ryobi LM-2800 and retired in our home, now.
In the right is a deck brush. It was used for washing tile deck and brushing topsoil into the lawn, but I rarely use this too, these days.

A black step edger and a black coring aerator on the lawn.
These are a step edger and a coring aerator, which are used for slicing and aeration. Though they would be good for growth of lawn, it is a little difficult for me in physical aspect. Now I substitute them for the vertical cutting with Ryobi.

A manual seed spreader, Drop Seeder, made by Minato Works.
This is a manual seed spreader, “Drop Seeder” (Capacity 25 L / Spread width 520 mm) MDS-25, made by Minato Works. I bought it this year, on September 18, 2015. Tough it’s a seed spreader originally, as its name tells us, we purchased it for spreading soil. Although many spreader for seed, fertilizer, and sand are marketed, they all indicate in their notes that “they can’t spread soil and wet sand”.

A seed spreader and a top-soil on the lawn. Top-Soil/Bed-Soil for Lawn, 25 L, by Tachikawa-Heiwa.
This product did not write “it can’t”. (Although it neither wrote “it can”..) I guessed it’s probably OK and tried, then a perfect spreading was possible without any problem. FYI, the soil used was “Top-Soil/Bed-Soil for Lawn, 25 L × 2-Bag Set, by Tachikawa-Heiwa”.

A black roller on the lawn. The Baroness Lawn Flattening Roller.
This is a Baroness Lawn Flattening Roller. I bought this on September 18, 2015, as well. Its 60.5 cm rolling width and 100 L capacity are the best performance in home-use rollers. Though I haven’t used it only a few times this year yet, I expect its contribution for the leveling unevenness and the following implementation of the low cutting height. The only problem is its storage space. I bought it on impulse without thinking of any solutions. It will spend this winter in our living room, for the time being.

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