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「 LM12MH 」 一覧

Backyard lawn on Feb 6th, 2016.Snow's gone. A vew from the east.

Lawn on Feb 6th, 2016

It snowed in the first half of this week, but the snow’s gone because it rained in the last half. Lawn is completely in brown because of the winter dormancy. Such a bronw lawn make me desire “shiba-yaki”, which means …


Cutting Lawn Seed Stalk of TM9

I cut the seed stalks of TM9 in the early morning on Saturday. Though I say cutting seed stalk, the actual procedure is completely same as the usual lawn mowing. There are no differences. The mower is Baroness LM12MH. Shear …


The Third Mower, Baroness Push Electric Lawn Mower, LM12MH

This is the third mower, our current main mowing machine, Baroness push electric lawn mower, LM12MH. I purchased it in July 2015. The spinning blade is a reel type six-blade, and the front roller is a grooved roller (optional) which …

赤い芝刈機。バロネス LM12MH。刈高は8mmに設定。

I Mowed My Lawn

I mowed my lawn. The mowing height was 8 mm, the same as the last time. The photo was taken in the midst of the mowing. The left side is already mown, while the right side is not yet. Mowing …